Saturday, 24 May 2008

Where it all began…

Ten years ago, with all the talk of the coming millennium and a promise of increasing tourism, I was at that time working as a Tour Guide. I somehow did not wholeheartedly believe in it and decided to retrain as an EFL teacher. (English as a Foreign Language).

After I had completed my training, I also had a previous teaching certificate in Religious studies and had taught in Primary School, I was now on the lookout for a new ‘teaching’ home. I landed up at Berltz Israel, in Ramat Gan. Berlitz had an older system at that time, but most of the material as today, comes prepared for you.

This was a great advantage for a starting out EFL teacher and over the years I became involved in managing to introduce new courses into the system, such as literacy. Pre-university exams such as TOEFL, IELTS and the Amir Exam. Also how to work on the individual needs of the student, whether it be preparation for interviews, acceptance to work as a flight attendant or passing the required medical proficiency test for Fellowship.

So, I now decided it was time to write of my ‘tips’ of the trade, which I have been asked many a time to share, so here goes, log in again and read on.

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